"You want your image to be consistent and thoughtful and what comes up at the top of a search to match that. So, go ahead and Google yourself."
"Being likeable and being respected aren’t mutually exclusive."
"What [someone] shares, how they behave, and with whom they connect on Twitter offers a unique insight into who they are as a professional, creating an opportunity to show why they’re a good candidate."
"Too often we rely on the adage, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ but those words lead to what I call the ‘law of suckage,’ which means by the time you figure out you suck, you’ve sucked for a very long time."



I love reading a great article to get you motivated and inspired for the week to come. Today I want to share something I read over at Refinery29 titled, “10 Things Not to Say at Work”.

I really enjoyed reading this article because I noticed a few of the “things not to say at work” are or…




GRE study guides can be found here.

(MCAT is forthcoming (it is 7 gigs worth of files and without Megaupload, it is taking me forever to upload them) and will be tagged ‘MCAT’)